Did you know PHC Connect, PHC’s original intranet, launched in 2005? This was the same year that the NHL lockout meant there were no games for an entire season; the same year that Mariah Carrey struck gold with We Belong Together; and the same year Myspace took over all our time.

Since the launch of PHC Connect, other than one migration to Sharepoint 2007 a few years ago, no functional or aesthetic changes were made to the intranet.

But just like how MySpace transformed into Instagram, and Napster into Spotify – it’s time for PHC Connect to be reimagined.

That’s why the Communications & Public Affairs department is thrilled to share with you PHC’s brand new intranet: connect.

Launching today, 16 years after the launch of our first intranet, connect will be your home base for all things Providence, with exciting new features like:

  • PHC News integrated right into the homepage with a new customizable newsletter (coming soon!) so you can choose what stories you receive and when!
  • Easy access on-site, from home, or on-the-go on your mobile phones.
  • Values in Action Badges and a photo gallery that celebrate your colleagues.
  • Discussion Forums to share your thoughts on what’s happening at PHC and in B.C.

Introducing connect.

Click here to check out connect.

Please note that you may need to log in. You can do so with your PHC network ID and password, like you would when checking your paystub.

What’s happening to PHC Connect?

Fret not! PHC Connect will continue to exist and be accessible to find any information that has not yet made its way to the new intranet.

If you own content or pages on PHC Connect and would like to get a jump on moving your content to the new connect intranet, please email

Looking for PSLS?

The BC Patient Safety & Learning System (PSLS) is still accessible through the new connect intranet. You can find it under the Clinical Tools tab in the red bar on the top of every page of connect.

Questions, comments, or concerns?


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