If you have time, we encourage you to utilize the resources listed below to learn more about quality and workplace improvement and patient safety. 

Please visit the PHC Performance (Quality) Improvement intranet site for supporting tools and instruction sheets, particularly the PDSA Instruction Sheet and PDSA Worksheet (you must be logged into the PHC network to access): http://phc-connect/programs/performance/Pages/default.aspx

Watch for the next cohort of the PHC Quality Improvement Challenge:

The QI Challenge is an eight-month training program designed to help teams and individuals gain knowledge and skill while making an improvement in their work area. The next cohort will launch starting when it is safe to do so.

We encourage you to reach out to the Performance Improvement Team anytime you have ideas for improvement:

Performance Improvement Consultants:

Framework for QI Projects at PHC

How to improve your work area — watch this video from Dr Mike Evans to get started:

Personal Development

We’ve put together a list of ideas for staff and leaders alike to pull from or be inspired by during a time when you may have an extra capacity or a pause in your day.  We encourage employees to check-in with their leader to discuss the ideas below or, if you have any ideas you wish to contribute. 

Courses on the Learning Hub

Update your site/job specific classes

Complete the Hand Hygiene Module

Update First Aid Skills

Register or learn more about a Leadership Course you would like to take

Microsoft Office Tutorials

Short Learning Activities for Staff

Short Learning Activities for Leaders

Useful Wellness links

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