As teams continue working around the clock at Holy Family Hospital long-term care to keep residents and staff safe from COVID-19 and to end the outbreak, we wanted to check-in on the staff who stepped-up to be redeployed from their home worksites to help care for our vulnerable residents and support their fellow staff at Holy Family.

Alessandro Salvino, a registered nurse on the Medicine Unit at St. Paul’s Hospital, was the first staff member to answer the Expression of Interest (EOI) sent by HR on June 13. In fact, he was on site working that same evening!

We caught up with Alessandro on what initially drew him to help out his colleagues at HFH and to see how his experience has gone. Here is what he had to say:

“Having had close family members living in a care home, I am fully aware of the impact that committed staff can make towards a resident’s life. 

When I was informed that HFH was undergoing a crisis and needed any help it could get, I immediately thought of my grandparents. I knew that if they were the ones living through a COVID-19 outbreak, I would be both reliant on and grateful for anyone who could offer support to them during this time. I am doing what I can when I can, because I know that someday the same will be done for me and my family. 

Although the situation at HFH is certainly stressful, I am continually surprised at the amount of good I see day-to-day. Staff dedication and support inspires me, and the residents’ joyful attitudes constantly remind me of the silver linings. I am thankful for the support I have been given as a new nurse here, and am nothing but glad to witness the support residents have been receiving, both from other staff and from their own families. ”

Thank you, Alessandro, for living our values and for putting the well-being of our residents and their families at HFH first – and thank you to all our brave and dedicated staff at Holy Family for continuing your heroic efforts every day to end this outbreak – we are truly grateful.

If you’re interested in helping at Holy Family Hospital long-term care during this critical time, please email: PHC

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