In the 53 days since the COVID-19 outbreak was declared on the Holy Family Hospital campus, many staff across Providence have offered their support to help care for the vulnerable residents and out their fellow staff on site.

Pardeep Sanghera is one of those staff who answered the call for help, and was redeployed from her home worksite of Mount Saint Joseph Hospital where she cares for patients on the Geriatric Assessment & Treatment Unit as a licensed practical nurse.

Like many staff, Pardeep was hesitant at first, not only about moving sites, but also about being face-to-face with COVID-19 and the questions, anxieties and reservations that come with that.  We caught up with Pardeep to find out how her experience has been so far. Here is what she had to say:

“In mid-June, I reached out to Human Resources to get a better understanding of the situation and they were able to give me all the reassurance I needed to take on this temporary assignment. Within hours of making the decision, members of the PHC team called me to support me through the transition – from Cerner to scheduling and accommodations, I felt confident that I had everything I needed.

Upon arriving at Holy Family, I was met with gratitude from the staff and felt a sense of shared responsibility to overcome the chaos COVID had caused.

All of the staff, both regular Holy Family staff and those that took on the temporary assignment like me, offered a tremendous amount of support and direction as I gained my footing with the workflow and navigated the policies and procedures in regards to stringent infection control.

During my time there, it was easy to identify the tight knit bonds staff have with their residents. I was there throughout a range of emotions that the team felt from the effects of COVID and that was what motivated me to return to Holy Family even after having contracted COVID myself.

Despite my unfortunate circumstance, I knew that I needed to be there for not only the residents, but also for the staff that supported me in my initial days there. I’m hopeful with my return to Holy Family that we can conclude this chapter.”

Pardeep has fully recovered from her bout with COVID-19. She reports that she is doing well and in good spirits as she returns to work at Holy Family Hospital.

Thank you, Pardeep, for your bravery and dedication to our residents, their families and to your fellow staff at Holy Family! And to all our staff at HFH, thank you for everything you do every day to end this outbreak – we are truly grateful.

If you’re interested in helping at Holy Family Hospital long-term care during this critical time, please email:

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