Left to right: Harmony Johnson, Interim Vice President, Indigenous Wellness & Reconciliation (IWR); Brian Simmers, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, People & Health Informatics; Christopher De Bono, Vice President, Mission, Organizational Development and Ethics; Dave Ingram, Vice President, Major Capital Projects.

Changes and Updates to Senior Leadership Team Membership and Accountabilities

As the global pandemic enters the mass-vaccination phase here in BC, we at Providence can look back at the past year with pride at how our staff, medical staff, researchers, contracted staff and volunteers have contributed – and continue to do so – to the provincial effort with compassion, exceptional care, resilience, ingenuity and innovation.

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, and we need to maintain our utmost attention on this. However, we can also look with optimism to the future, and we need to be ready for new priorities and opportunities.

To prepare us for PHC’s exciting journey forward in a post-COVID world, I have made the following changes to Senior Leadership Team (SLT) roles and accountabilities:

1. Advancing Indigenous Wellness & Reconciliation at Providence

I am delighted to appoint Harmony Johnson as the Interim Vice President, Indigenous Wellness & Reconciliation (IWR), on a part-time (.5FTE) basis, effective May 1, 2021.

Harmony, sɛƛakəs, is Coast Salish from the Tla’amin Nation. Many people will know Harmony from the support she provided to the provincial review “In Plain Sight” undertaken by Dr. Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond into racism in BC’s health care system. Before this, Harmony was a senior leader at the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA). In her career, she has demonstrated experience in executive leadership in Indigenous health and wellness initiatives, as well as management, negotiations and intergovernmental relations, strategy & policy development, and planning.

This is a bold next step in Providence’s commitment to advancing our Indigenous Wellness & Reconciliation goals. Over the past three and a half years, Christopher De Bono has led the evolution of our Indigenous health and wellness initiatives, ensuring we’re aligned with the directives of the Ministry of Health, and advancing best practices with the other health authorities. This foundational work always envisioned hiring new Indigenous leadership. This last year, Providence appointed Dr. Lindsay Farrell as

Program Director of IWR, hired Sherri Hundseth as the new Director of Indigenous Engagement & Stakeholder Relations for the new St. Paul’s, doubled the number of Indigenous Liaison Worker positions, and will soon be the first IWR program to hire Indigenous Peer Support Workers through a partnership with FNHA.

With Harmony’s expertise and knowledge, we are well positioned to move our organization’s IWR vision and priorities into the next phase.

2. Advancing our People Agenda

I know that people are fundamental to providing the best possible health care and in order to increase capacity to support our people, we are changing leadership accountabilities.

Health organizations face a very competitive field when trying to recruit and retain the brightest and the best. Human Resources (HR) departments need to leverage data analytics and improved technology to gain the competitive advantage in all aspects of workforce planning and supporting employees in doing their work in and outside of our physical premises.

To drive these changes, Brian Simmers will take on the leadership of HR in his role of Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, People & Health Informatics, adding People to his portfolio of existing accountabilities, which include finance, facilities management, health informatics (Information Technology, virtual health and data analytics) and corporate development.

Leveraging large sets of data and digital solutions to organizational challenges will give Providence the competitive advantage to support and meet the needs of our leaders, staff and programs. I believe that integrating our amazing people with advanced data tools, digital solutions and strategies will help us address our HR risks in a timely manner, improve patient/resident care and create a progressive and supportive work environment.

Over the past two and half years, under the senior leadership of Christopher De Bono, Providence has benefited from an explicit Mission focus on people, recruitment & retention, diversity, equity & inclusion, staff wellness, and occupational health & safety.

Over this time, Providence has received several provincial and national HR awards. Key achievements include a new staff scheduling project, a new performance assessment process, additional staff engagement through the new Pulse Survey, and the overall advancement of the People Pillar in our Mission: Forward strategy.

I want to thank Christopher for his leadership of HR and now for undertaking a phased transition of duties to Brian, expected to be completed in mid-April.

Since Mission is at the heart of everything we do, Christopher will now serve as Vice President, Mission, Organisational Development and Ethics.

As PHC readies to undertake major transformation requiring radical change management to succeed in our priorities – the new St. Paul’s Hospital, our seniors’ homes redevelopment strategies in both Providence Health Care and Providence Living, our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion priorities – Christopher will advance Providence’s Mission-driven culture into the future.

3. Advancing new St. Paul’s Hospital and CSRC Redevelopments

Dave Ingram is joining us as Vice President, Major Capital Projects. In leading the new St. Paul’s Redevelopment Project over the past three years, Dave had been seconded to Providence from his Vice President role at PHSA.

Formally bringing Dave into our organization strengthens the Providence leadership for both the new St. Paul’s project and for the Clinical Support & Research Centre (CSRC) project at Station Street.

I want to thank all PHC staff, medical staff, researchers, leaders, volunteers and SLT members for your continuing commitment to our patients and to advancing our Mission; and thank you in advance for your support of leaders taking on new responsibilities. I look forward to the time when we can all meet in person.

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