New modeling was released today by the Ministry of Health. 

In the past few days, our upward path has been less severe than other places, but we continue to see steady increases in community transmission cases and continue to be concerned about outbreaks, which could quickly grow and challenge our pandemic response

“Our trajectory changed from 24% per day to 12% per day,” says Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC’s Provincial Health Officer, who is cautiously optimistic. “That’s a slowing down of the number of new cases, which is good. It’s been driven by our testing, physical distancing strategy and restriction to travel.”

"The evidence is clear: with every person in British Columbia 100% committed to physical distancing, we can flatten the curve. Over the next two weeks we must be united in this one goal."

It’s important everyone continues to be diligent and practice physical distancing, self-isolation when required, and diligent hand-washing. 

Thank you to all our Province health care workers on the frontlines. And, thank you to staff working from home in an effort to stem the spread of COVID-19. 

To view the full modeling presentation, please click here. 


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