As we make family plans for the summer, it is imperative that we continue to follow Dr. Bonnie Henry’s guidelines - plan activities that are safe and local. Below, we have listed recommendations on how to make your summer plans safe and enjoyable for the whole family. 

Short term planning:  If possible, be sure to plan ahead

  • Making your summer plans a few weeks out at a time will help give you and/or kids a sense of safety and security.

  • Be sure to also acknowledge that those plans may have to be reassessed and have flexibility to build resilience.

Set some family ground rules:

  • Establish ground rules as it will give children a sense of control.

  • To do this, clearly outline what is safe during COVID-19. For example, if your kid decides to go on a physically distant walk with a friend, be sure to tell them about why it is important to be physically distant.

Strategies to communicate to your kids about COVID-19

  • Empathize and validate:  “It’s not fair!” is a sentiment we are all familiar with.

  • Create perspective: “It’s not so much what you say as how you say it.” Be sure to emphasize that COVID-19 affects everyone. By physically distancing themselves it not only benefits them but others too.

  • Link independence with safety:  Work together to brainstorm ways they can safely hang out with friends. 

  • Prepare for tricky situations:  As parents, we encourage you to talk to your kids about having those difficult conversations. For example, they get offered to go inside a friend’s house. Encourage them to be honest and truthful. If they don’t feel comfortable, encourage them to tell their friends just that – true friends will understand. 

Looking for fun ways to keep the family entertained throughout the summer? We’ve put together a list of both indoor and door activities. Enjoy!

Indoor Activities to try:

  1. Try painting, colouring, drawing, make a craft or vision board

  2. Reading, puzzles, and crosswords, writing letters to friends

  3. Rearrange the bedroom or have a spa day

  4. Play a board or card game

  5. Have a photoshoot or learn new musical instrument

  6. Have a themed party: food, dressing up and decorations

  7. Have a dinner party  - celebrating different foods from different countries

  8. Family Living room campout

  9. World tour armchair travel: Pick a country and use it as a theme for the day.

  10. Make a time capsule:

Outdoor Activities to try: 

  1.  Backyard obstacle course: 

  2. Go for a walk at different parks in the city or a water balloon fight

  3. Go for a bike ride

  4. Go on a scavenger hunt (walk or drive) 

  5. Outdoor picnic at the beach or go fishing

  6. Catch the sunrise or sunset: 

  7.  Drive-in movie theatre or create one in your backyard

  8. Kayak, canoe, or paddleboard

  9. Try gardening - plant some flowers

  10. Takeout tour of different restaurants

Here are some more ideas about activities to try!

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