Submitted by the PHC Pandemic Response Team

Yesterday, Public Health officially declared the outbreak on 9C, Acute Care for the Elderly/Medicine, to be over at St. Paul’s Hospital. 

In recent weeks, we have also declared outbreaks over at the following sites/units:

  • SPH Units 5A, 5B, CSICU, 6B, 7C, 8A, 9D
  • Holy Family Hospital Rehab Units 1&2
  • Enhanced Surveillance on Units 7D and 10D

Thank you also to the PHC Pandemic Response Team, the Infection Prevention and Control Team and VCH Public Health for being so supportive and attentive in helping guide our collective response.

While the above outbreaks have been declared over, we will continue to apply COVID-prevention strategies, including regular assessments of COVID symptoms and maintaining exceptional PPE practice.

Ongoing Health and Safety Reminders for All Staff:

  • Please do not consume beverages in the clinical areas at this time (keep beverages/water in staff lounge or outside of clinical area) – take short breaks 2-3 mins to ensure you have an opportunity to drink water and stay hydrated!
  • Refrain from unnecessary or social visits to units other than where you work.   
  • It is essential to maintain physical distancing and proper usage of PPE at all times and in all locations. If it is not possible to maintain 6ft of space during meetings and shift handover, optimize the space available, keep your mask in place and do not eat or drink anything.   
  • If there is less than 6ft between you and your co-worker in your office space, it is not safe to remove your mask. Please leave and find a safe, distanced break area to have your coffee.    
  • Please do not carpool at this time. If this is not an option for you, please make sure you are wearing a mask and the windows are rolled down when in a vehicle.  
  • Do not share any foods, beverages, or common containers such as a coffee pot or a container of cream. Physical distancing and IPAC protocols are especially important in break rooms. Stagger your breaks and obey room occupancy limits. Declutter and disinfect surfaces in break rooms before and after use.   
  • If you have even the slightest of symptoms, please don’t come to work. Get tested and wait for the results. If symptoms develop at work, inform your manager, leave work and get tested at one of the community testing sites.   
  • Even if you have recently tested negative for COVID-19, or have received the vaccine, do not let your guard down. Some people experience temporary symptoms after receiving a vaccine. If you develop any symptoms, even if you have recently received the COVID-19 vaccine, please immediately go for testing.   
  • Remember that excellent hand hygiene is important for protecting yourself against COVID-19 and other pathogens. Hand hygiene should be performed: When entering and exiting medical facility, unit, ward, or clinic; before and after patient contact or contact with patient environment; before and after contact with a health-care provider or their work environment; and before donning and during/after doffing PPE.   

Staff Wellness and Mental Health:

  • You are all working under tremendous pressure and stress. Please know there’s extra help should you need it. Please talk to your supervisor/manager or seek further assistance by contacting the Staff Support Line at 604-806-9925, Sandy Coughlin at 604-806-8635 or Homewood Health (new EFAP) at 1-800-663-1142 if you wish to talk to speak to someone about the psychological impact on yourself and/or your family.   

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