Providence’s pandemic response teams are currently working closely with Public Health in helping manage an outbreak at Parkview Tertiary Mental Health (located at Youville), and enhanced surveillance at Langara Long Term Care. The outbreak at Holy Family long term care has been declared over.

Parkview Update

Public Health has changed Parkview’s status last week from “enhanced surveillance” to declaring a COVID-19 outbreak, after a second staff member was diagnosed with COVID-19 last week.

Providence Health Care’s pandemic response team and a Vancouver Coastal Health Medical Health Officer are jointly leading the Parkview response, working with staff to ensure patients, residents and staff stay safe and that quality care continues to be delivered.

The comprehensive response so far has included extensive testing of Parkview patients and staff. The response team is happy to report that – apart from the two staff members already diagnosed – no Parkview patients nor additional staff have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Youville Long Term Care (on 2nd and 3rd floors) remains unaffected.

Other outbreak mitigation initiatives are continuing at Parkview. These include enhanced infection control measures, with emphasis on hand hygiene and proper PPE usage; comprehensive screening of everyone before they enter the building; twice-daily symptom checks for patients and residents; limiting of Parkview visits to essential/compassionate only, with no social visits (Youville LTC visits for 2nd and 3rd floors are continuing as per current process); no staff traffic between Parkview and Youville floors; and adding more change rooms and new entrance/exiting procedures for Parkview/Youville staff to maintain safety and to minimize risk.

Parkview and Youville patients, residents and families are receiving regular updates from program leadership.

Langara Update

A COVID-19 exposure has been identified in the Aspen neighbourhood on the first floor of St. Vincent’s: Langara, resulting in enhanced surveillance and risk mitigation protocols. A staff member, who worked in the Aspen neighbourhood, has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Public Health is working closely with Providence pandemic response team and the site leadership to determine if any staff and residents have been exposed in order to prevent further infections.

Stringent infection control measures were immediately put in place on the first floor in the Aspen neighbourhood. These measures may result in some residents of this neighbourhood being asked to remain in their rooms, including during mealtimes. Other restrictions to group activities and other services may result, if required to further help prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses.

Family visitation with residents who live in all neighbourhoods except the first floor Aspen neighbourhood can continue. Virtual visits can still occur between Aspen neighbourhood residents and their families.

All staff are continuing to wear appropriate Protective Personal Equipment (PPE), as before, in order to protect both residents and staff at all times. All Langara residents and staff will be closely monitored for symptoms. As a precaution, all residents and staff on the first floor will be tested for COVID-19, even if they don’t have any symptoms. All Langara staff and visitors are being screened before entering the building. Residents and staff who develop any symptoms, however mild, will receive the testing and the care they need.

Holy Family Long Term Care COVID-19 Outbreak Declared over

The COVID-19 outbreak at Holy Family Hospital Long Term Care has been declared over.

The outbreak response had been led jointly by Providence and a Medical Health Officer, working closely with Holy Family LTC leadership and staff to ensure appropriate infection control precautions were in place.  Additionally, comprehensive outbreak response measures provided staffing and operational support to ensure residents were monitored closely for symptoms and continued to receive the care they needed.

The health and safety of residents and health care providers remains the utmost priority as part of Providence's pandemic response.  Post-outbreak operational plans are in place to ensure Holy Family residents continue to be well protected and receive the best care.    

Although the restrictions of social visits had been difficult for residents and families, the outbreak wasn’t as restrictive this time around, as residents were not confined to their rooms and continued to participate in group activities and receive regular supports.

Holy Family LTC is now ready for visitation in accordance with existing LTC orders.

This page last updated Nov 24, 2020 5:58pm PST