Another reminder in times like these, all eyes are on us as a health system. That includes the public observing us outside of the hospital.

For your health and safety and the public’s, do not wear your scrubs outside. Change into your street clothes to grab a coffee, grab lunch, etc. 

At the start of your shift:

  • Wear street clothes and shoes to work.

  • Change into your uniform (scrubs) and work shoes after you arrive.

  • Store your clothes in the staff room or near where you keep your lunch.

  • Refrain from going out of the hospital during your shift.

At the end of your shift:

  • Change back into your street clothes.

  • Place your uniform in a plastic bag and bring home with you; leave your work shoes at work.

  • When you get home, wash your uniform in hot water.

  • Take a shower.

We know that it can be challenging to follow the protocols about what to wear and where to change, especially in our older buildings. We appreciate your efforts to follow these guidelines.

This page last updated Jul 30, 2020 6:16pm PDT