A new 3 month pilot project at PHC aims to better analyze Personal Protective Equipment and social distancing compliance at St. Paul’s Hospital.

Currently, it’s difficult to assess compliance with PPE and social distancing measures. Without reliable data, it’s hard to know whether we have too many visitors in our site or if the measures we have implemented are reducing the spread of COVID-19.

New specialized cameras have been installed in the Radiology Department, the Emergency Department, and the Laboratory, and began capturing images the week of July 23rd. These cameras take snapshots of people in those areas and quickly analyze the photos for whether individuals are wearing appropriate PPE (such as face masks) and whether they are observing the social distancing requirements of 2 metres. The photos are then deleted. In its entirety, this process takes about 3 seconds. The photos are not stored and cannot be reviewed by anyone – only the analysis is available for PHC data analysts to review. 

The goal of the new cameras is not to be punitive or rebuke staff – rather the project aims to better understand trends and behaviours as we navigate our new normal with COVID-19. The pilot project will run until October after which the team will assess whether more cameras should be acquired for the rest of St. Paul's and other PHC sites.

This pilot project is one of the first initiatives from PHC’s new Digital Products team. If you have any questions or concerns please email Zoltan Bozoky, Technical Manager, Digital Products at

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