This is an all staff memo on the Transition of Indigenous Health Team to join Indigenous Wellness & Reconciliation department at Providence Health Care.

Dear Providence Colleagues,

We are delighted to announce an important transition in support of Indigenous Health, Wellness and Reconciliation at Providence Health Care.

Effective August 24th, 2020 Providence’s Indigenous Health Team will join the Indigenous Wellness and Reconciliation department within the Mission, People and Ethics portfolio.

The Indigenous Health Team was established in 2011 by Scott Harrison, in his capacity at the time as Director of HIV/AIDS, Urban Health & Addiction Services. Scott prophetically recognized the need to remove barriers and support system-level changes to advocate for Indigenous Health. Over the years, Scott has championed a number of actions as part of his personal and professional commitment to provide culturally appropriate services for Indigenous patients and families at St. Paul’s Hospital, including the establishment of the All Nations Sacred Space in 2013. Currently, the Indigenous Health Team is led by Neil Fowler, with Rose McDonald, LaVita Trimble and Olivia Scout as Indigenous Health Workers, and is supported administratively by Margaret Dergez.

An integral part of the Mission portfolio, the Indigenous Wellness and Reconciliation department - now led by recently hired Dr. Lindsay Farrell (PhD) – is responsible for leading organization-wide strategic activities to enhance and realize Providence’s commitment to reconciliation and improved wellness for Indigenous Peoples in BC. 

This consolidation of the Indigenous Health Team within the Indigenous Wellness & Reconciliation department will bring together into one team PHC’s commitment to advance culturally safe, appropriate and compassionate care with and for our Indigenous patients, clients, residents, families and community members.  This change also supports PHC’s Mission:Forward 2019-2026 Strategic Plan which calls for system-wide transformation and collaboration with Indigenous patients and partners towards improved health, wellness and reconciliation.

With this change, we acknowledge where we have come from: With deep gratitude PHC recognizes Scott Harrison’s vision, steadfast fortitude and stewardship leading the way for Indigenous Health at PHC, and all those who have worked and continue to work collaboratively and courageously to advance Indigenous wellness and reconciliation at PHC. 

Please note: This message is sent on behalf of Leanne Heppell, Chief Operating Officer – Acute Care and Chief of Professional Practice and Nursing, and Christopher De Bono, Vice President Mission, People & Ethics, PHC.

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