When you receive your COVID immunization, you will also receive a record of their immunization on a yellow slip of paper. Please hold on to this important physical documentation for your records.

If you lose your paper record, or want to access proof of your vaccinations instantly, this record can be found online in two places:

  1. PHC Employee Vaccine and Immunity Status Report
  •  All Providence staff can instantly access their immunization history, including dates of their COVID immunizations
  • You can save this report as a PDF and print it out
  • Please note: this report does not include details of the vaccine given, like the lot number or the vaccine type (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca).
  1. Health Gateway
  •  A secure, single place for all BC residents to access their health records
  • Full immunization information is accessible, including the type of vaccine received and the lot number
  • Available information also includes prescription medication and health visits
  • Health Gateway allows for easy access on your mobile device
  • It can take over 24 hours to get approved for Health Gateway – after that, you can access it any time.  
  • Register here:

If you have a question about accessing your immunization records, please email:

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