Further to the Health Minister’s announcement on Monday that parking is now free for staff and medical staff, payroll deductions for parking have stopped until such time as this offer comes to an end.

  • Staff and medical staff who have pre-paid in advance will be reimbursed when parking fees are reinstated. Please watch for details when that time comes.

  • If you have monthly parking in the vicinity that you have paid for in advance – or any other work-related parking situation – and have to continue to park at your location, please submit your receipts or invoices for reimbursement through your regular work processes. Please code the parking through your department cost centre.

  • While free parking is now available, please remember that parking restrictions still exist, such as reserved parking, emergency-only parking and accessible spaces.  Please observe those restrictions. 

  • Parking monitors will be on the lots to monitor capacity through the day and through shift change to keep reserved parking clear for staff and patients as a priority.

  • The City of Vancouver has lifted parking restrictions, including residential permit-parking areas, time limits and parking meters. Staff working in Vancouver locations are asked to park nearby, rather than in hospital parking lots, to ensure available space for patients.

For more information on PHC’s parking policy and parking opportunities, please go here:


This page last updated Apr 7, 2020 10:08am PDT