Submitted by the Regional COVID-19 Vaccination Program Planning Team

Second doses being administered to those who received their first dose on or before Jan. 17

Following provincial and national recommendations, we are offering second doses of COVID-19 vaccines 16 weeks after the first dose. This week, we are offering second doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for staff and medical staff who received their first dose on or before Sunday, Jan. 17, 2021. We will soon be providing new information about how you will be alerted when it’s time to receive your second dose. Please stay tuned!

B.C. may look at decreasing the interval between doses as more vaccine supply arrives

The province is expecting more than one million doses of vaccine to arrive throughout the month of May, which means first doses may be offered to all adults in B.C. sooner than originally anticipated. Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer, said yesterday that if everyone is able to get their first dose sooner, it may mean the interval between the first and second dose could be reduced. In order to help get vaccine to adults across the province, Dr. Henry encouraged everyone to register, even if you have already received your first dose through a workplace or pharmacy. Registration in the provincial booking system will help ensure the right amount of vaccine is sent to each clinic, and will help clinic locations scale up appropriately to meet increased demand.

Register here.

Implementation of Stage 1 of COVID-19 emergency prioritization in a pandemic PPE allocation framework

On March 25, 2020, the Ministry of Health and B.C. Centre for Disease Control released the COVID 19: Emergency Prioritization in a Pandemic Personal Protective Equipment Allocation Framework. This document was released to help guide health-care providers in determining what types of PPE individuals working or visiting in health-care settings would receive at a time when demand for PPE threatened to overwhelm supply. This coincided with the Province entering Stage 5 of the PPE Framework as the result of immediate and significant global supply chain disruptions and to manage our PPE inventory in a manner that maintained the safety of health care workers while ensuring supply of PPE was not depleted.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Ministry and health authorities have worked diligently to acquire a quality assured, central PPE supply at the Provincial Health Services Authority. The Ministry also documented and implemented a PPE Supply, Assessment, Testing and Distribution Protocol to ensure that any PPE deployed within B.C.’s health system is safe and appropriate for use.

With the stabilization of the PPE inventory, the Province will immediately move to Stage 1 of the PPE Framework. This means that all PPE items are intact and there is low probability that any item will be depleted in the immediate future. To ensure continued availability of all types of PPE, extended use of PPE practices will remain in effect at this time (i.e extended use of PPE that is not wet, soiled, or damaged).

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