In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all in-person on-site volunteering has been put on hold.

Since volunteers and the good work they do are a vital piece in patient and resident care and staff support here at PHC, many “virtual volunteer” programs have emerged with the help of dedicated volunteers and supportive staff. Below, a list of programs that are currently taking place.   

  • Virtual Chinese newspaper via Zoom:  A volunteer who had been doing this with about a dozen residents every Friday, prior to COVID, switched the delivery method and time —the residents love seeing her on the big TV screen every weekend.

  •  Virtual Pet Therapy Visits via Facetime:  A long-term pet therapy team has pivoted the way they meet. One particular story highlights a resident who reached out to stroke the lovely lab she had grown so fond of, for support during this difficult time.  

  • Virtual 1:1 visits via Facetime on the iPad: Volunteers who have been long-term volunteers prior to COVID, pivoted the way they visit —utilizing technology instead.

  • Dance and song performances: Volunteers who used to come in once a month,  are currently preparing a dance and singing performance. They plan to send the link so the residents can watch it on the large TV screen.

  • Distribution of donations: For Acute sites (SPH and MSJ), we have also had convergent volunteers at MSJ and SPH recently assisting staff with distribution of incredible meals, snacks, gifts and drink donations from the community.

  • Remote Craft Prepping – Several volunteers have been organizing craft activities for residents. This includes doing all the supply prepping ahead of time (cutting out items, drawing base pictures for paintings and providing easy to follow instructions). After this, they return the prepped crafts to the staff all ready to be completed by the residents. This is a huge help to the Rehab Assistants as it takes a lot of prep work to do the arts and crafts activities with the residents. 

  • Volunteer card program: Every LTC Volunteer Resources Coordinator emailed their volunteers to invite them to send in their own cards or creations to their volunteer sites. We have received a great response! For example, a program (spearheaded by two PHC volunteers) called Love Our Seniors (https://loveourseniorsca.wordpress.com), have provided over 150 cards to PHC LTC sites so far. The group has collaborated with community groups and family and friends to create cards for residents which are then delivered directly to the site. The cards are available in many different languages for residents as well.  One volunteer took the initiative to personally hand-write almost 200 cards for each resident at Langara. We have also had PHC volunteers take this opportunity to reach out to school groups they are involved  in to help create cards too.  

Well done, volunteers! 

This page last updated Jul 20, 2020 6:37pm PDT