• Try healthy foods to support your energy during these stressful times. 

  • Create new rituals in your life as they create structure, predictability and connection.  

Taking Care of your physical wellness:   During stressful and challenging times, it can be difficult to focus on healthy eating.  

Now more than ever, we need to choose healthy foods that will provide us with the energy we need to navigate the rest of our workday and home responsibilities. 

Consider choosing from some of these high-protein and high-mineral food items that support all-day energy and alertness. They are easy to find at any grocery store, provide energy  and they taste good too!!

  • bananas

  • fatty fish

  • brown rice

  • sweet potatoes

  • coffee (in moderation please)

  • eggs

  • apples 

  • water

  • dark chocolate (in moderation please)

  • yerba mate

  • gogi berries

  • quinoa

  • oatmeal

  • yogurt

  • hummus

  • edamame

  • lentils

  • avocados

  • oranges

  • strawberries

  • seeds

  • beans

  • green tea

  • nuts

  • popcorn

  • leafy green vegetables

  • beets

Click here for more information about foods that have been proven to help promote energy levels. 

Taking care of your emotional wellness: The findings of Jane Goodall (anthropologist, primatologist and famous for studying the social interactions of African chimpanzees) support the importance of rituals in all societies and cultures. Rituals speak to our need for collective identity and a sense of belonging.  They also provide meaningful and memorable moments in our lives, marked by "ceremony" (birthdays, weddings, college graduations, holiday traditions, family reunions, etc).   

Christopher Debono, VP of Mission, People & Ethics at Providence wrote recently about the emergence of Vancouver’s 7pm ritual, "We find comfort and stability in rituals through structure, repetition, and predictability which ultimately provides us with a ‘sense of control’."  

Anthropologist Dimitris Xygalatas writes about the place of ritual during times of great stress and anxiety, “Stressful events such as warfare, environmental threat, and material insecurity are often linked with spikes in ritual activity”. Xygalatas goes on to remark on their effects on reducing heart rate and lowering stress hormones. 

At times of uncertainty, our rituals are important;  However,  due to the current circumstances we may not be able to participate in the ways we are used too.  Below is a list of new rituals to help support us during this difficult time. 

  • Join the 7pm appreciation for your colleagues and friends in healthcare.

  • Go to your home office dressed for work — change out of those PJs! 

  • Go for a walk at the same time every day and try to  use the same route.

  • Pray or meditate at the same time every day.

  • Participate in a weekly games night with your friends or familyWatch a Netflix show with a friend at a certain time each week — call each other afterwards and talk about it.

  • Live stream a weekly broadcast from your faith tradition.

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