When given the option to take the elevator or stairs, choose the stairs. Climbing the stairs supports heart-health, saves time, and supports your mental health.

Bring some fun and creativity into your days by building a personalized self-care toolkit.

Taking care of your physical health — why take the stairs? 

  • Saves time

  • Health benefits of using the stairs include:

    • Burns calories 

    • Reduces the risk of a stroke

    • Increase in happiness due to the release of endorphins

    • Improves cardiovascular fitness

    • Strengthens muscles

    • Combats a sedentary lifestyle 

Read more about the stairs vs. elevators. 

Taking Care of your mental/emotional well-being:  In times of emotional anxiety it can be challenging to use tools to support your own mental/emotional wellness. Planning ahead with a self-care tool kit can ensure that you have easy access to special items that are comforting to you.

Your self-care toolkit should include things you can touch, taste, look at, hear, smell, use for movement and find comfort in. Your toolkit container can be something as simple as a shoe box, a tote bag or a backpack.

Here's a list of some specific sensory items you could include in your self-care toolkit.

•    Soft blanket

•    Warm fuzzy socks

•    Hot chocolate

•    Photos from a favourite vacation

•    Comforting music

•    Essential oils

•    Journal

•    Inspirational book

•    Mandela

•    Colouring book

•    Grounding fidget toys

•    Silly putty 

•    Eye mask

Click here for further information on building a self-care toolkit to support your mental/emotional wellness during this difficult time.  

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