Limiting your digital screen-time and enhancing your sleep environment can help support a healthy sleep pattern.  

​Practicing radical self-acceptance can reduce the stress associated with COVID-19 and can help cultivate a belief in your own resilience.

Taking Care of your Physical Wellness:  ​Although it can be challenging to focus on our own self-care during these times, it is important to note that getting adequate sleep is crucial as it benefits both our physical and mental health. 

Our immune systems become compromised if we continually struggle with not getting adequate sleep.  Achieving ample amounts of sleep supports the immune system which, in turn, reduces the risk of infection and can improve positive outcomes for people fighting a virus.  Optimal sleep also helps regulate mood, improve brain function, and supports increased energy and overall productivity throughout the day.  

Use the steps listed below to help create a sleep pattern that works for you: 

  • Create a sleep schedule and try your best to be consistent with it. 

  • Limit your "screen time" by turning off devices one hour before bedtime.

  • Leave your phone charging in another room so you are not tempted to check COVID updates. 

  • Take some "me time" prior to bedtime (i.e.: hot bath, listening to music, reading a book).

  • Minimize naps to 30 minutes and don't nap past 2:00 pm.

  • Try breathing exercises  — inhale slowly through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth. 

  • Enhance your sleep environment. Examples of this include, room temperature, eye mask, blackout shades a noise machine. 

  • Structure your daytime schedule to support a regular bedtime and wake-up time. 

To learn more about how to build and support a better sleep pattern during COVID click HERE.

Taking Care of your Emotional/Mental Wellness:  Radical self-acceptance refers to the process of accepting everything about yourself, your current situation, and your life without question, blame or pushback. 

When engaged in combat with an external threat like COVID, "acceptance" can dramatically reduce distress and, in turn, can make us feel more safe.  Once we accept that COVID is here to stay for a while, we can better manage what we have control over.  

It is also important that we remind ourselves of the power of our own resilience and flexibility during these difficult times.  We can gain perspective and strength by reflecting on previous hardships we have encountered and using the skills and knowledge we learned during those times and applying them to our present circumstances.  

When we stop fighting what we cannot control, we can exhale, collect our thoughts, and move forward focusing on what we can control.   In admitting to our struggles, we can focus on what actions need to be taken to find some degree of peace in our current, unsettling circumstances.  

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