Mask requirement


All visitors must wear a medical mask according to the overview of visitors in long-term care and seniors’ assisted living.

What health care settings are affected by this policy?

  • Long-term care
  • Acute care hospitals
  • Stand-alone extended care hospitals designated under the Hospital Act
  • Seniors’ assisted living settings
  • Provincial mental health facilities
  • All the health care facilities and settings where health care is provided.

Who else should wear masks?


  • All visitors must wear a medical mask when entering and moving around any health care facility, including clinical and non-clinical areas.
  • All persons accompanying a patient in admitting/waiting areas, including emergency departments, must wear a medical mask. 

Patients: acute care 

  • All patients must wear a medical mask when entering and moving around a health care facility, including patient transport, except when requested to remove their mask by a health care professional. 
  • Admitted patients must wear a medical mask when they leave their room.
  • Admitted patients will generally not be required to wear a medical mask in their rooms, with exceptions based on a health care professional’s point of care risk assessment.

Who is exempt from the mask policy?

  • People under 12 years old
  • People unable to wear a mask because of a health condition or physical or mental impairment. 
  • People unable to put on or remove a mask without help from another person. 
  • To accommodate site-specific circumstances (e.g., staff/visitor/patient masking may not be required when eating/drinking at retail food establishments or cafeterias).

Please click here for more information on the masking policy.

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